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Providing high-precision and long-life die-casting mold services at competitive prices, combining cutting-edge die-casting mold technology with advanced production equipment, our expert engineers are dedicated to reducing cycle times by up to 50%+, with fast turnaround, obtaining in minutes Get a quote and getting your die casting mold within days.

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What is Die Casting Mold?

A die-casting mold is made up of two parts: the stationary (fixed) and the moveable (ejector) mold halves. The ejector dies half, which houses the casting ejector, is fixed to the moveable fixing plate and is mounted to the fixed fixing plate of the die casting machine. The two mold halves are closed when casting is ready, and the die-locking force on the machine keeps them closed. The mold parting, also known as the mold parting plane, is the surface that makes contact between the two mold halves. The ejector die half is the sole part that is subject to the opening and closing actions. By using manually or hydraulically powered core slides (cores), cavities or undercuts are de-molded.

Die Casting Mold

Types of Die Casting Molds

There are several types of die-casting toolings, and they have different functions depending on the requirements. They include:

  • 1
    Prototyping Die Casting Molds

    Prototypes are typically made using these dies. The tooling procedure and its features are identical to those of production dies. To cut tooling costs, complicated features are, nevertheless, simplified and machined with less accuracy.

  • 2
    Production Die Casting Molds

    Production molds are the most common type of die casting molds and can be used for mass production. They are manufactured from high-quality, durable materials to ensure longer mold life.

  • 3
    Trim Die Casting Molds

    After the casting is completed, the parts will produce casting residues such as sprues, runners, risers, and flash. Trimming dies are used to cut excess material from finished die castings. It is also used to separate parts from casting models. Trimming molds can also be used for mass production and production molds.

  • 4
    Unit Die Casting Molds

    Unit Die Casting Molds are a cost-effective alternative to conventional molds. Unit molds use common parts and are used for low-volume and less complex parts. Custom molds are more effective for high-volume parts with complex geometries. These molds are specifically designed for the part to provide maximum control and efficiency.

Why Choose Us for Custom Die Casting Mold Making Services

Providing high-precision and long-life die-casting mold services at competitive prices, combining cutting-edge die-casting mold technology with advanced production equipment, our expert engineers are dedicated to reducing cycle times by up to 50%+, with fast turnaround, obtaining in minutes Get a quote and getting your die casting mold within days.

  • 1
    Affordable Prices

    We recognize the importance of staying within project budgets. An engineering team with decades of experience understands the ability to produce molds that reduce the unit cost of finished castings, whether that's increasing productivity by producing multi-cavity molds or reducing the need for secondary finishing and machining, and strives to provide customers with The most competitive price, long life and stable performance of die-casting molds.

  • 2
    Powerful Factories And Facilities

    We have established many of our own factories in China to ensure that your die-casting mold manufacturing is efficient and your delivery time is short. In addition, our manufacturing capabilities utilize the latest automation facilities to support your various custom die-cast mold projects, regardless of their design complexity.

  • 3
    Strict Quality Control

    We are an ISO 9001:2015&ISO13485 certified company dedicated to providing custom die-casting mold services. NOBLE's professional engineering team conducts strict quality inspections at different stages of the manufacturing process: pre-production, in-production, first article inspection, and before delivery to ensure the creation of die-casting molds with long life and stable performance.

  • 4
    Professional Engineering Support

    NOBLE uses advanced equipment and a team of experienced engineers to ensure high-quality and long-life die-casting molds. In addition, to meet your custom die-casting mold needs, our knowledgeable engineers and technicians are available to provide you with 24/7 engineering support and customized die-casting mold services to businesses large and small.

  • 5
    One-stop Die Casting Mold Making Solution

    NOBLE provides comprehensive services including mold design, mold manufacturing, mold verification, repair, and maintenance. Our engineering team and strong productivity are always able to respond quickly to your die-casting mold manufacturing.

  • 6
    Fast Turnaround

    With large-scale manufacturing capabilities and qualified engineering and sales teams, set up an efficient communication process for your unique die-cast mold needs, get a quote in minutes, and get a die-cast mold in days! Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to reducing your project cycle time by up to 60%.

Work with Us in 4 Simple Steps Only

With many years of manufacturing experience, NOBLE offers the best solutions for all rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing needs. We streamline the innovation cycle into four simple but effective steps.

  • Upload Your Design
    Upload Your Design

    Just simply upload your CAD filesand submit RFQs with clear infor-mation online.

  • Receive Design Analysis
    Receive Design Analysis

    We'll send you design for manufa-cturability analysis and transparent pricing.

  • Start Manufacturing
    Start Manufacturing

    Our experts will produce your parts with the required technologies and materials.

  • Receive Your Parts
    Receive Your Parts

    Your parts will be delivered to your door directly with stringent deadlines.

Gallery of Die Casting Mold Making Parts

Please browse through our extensive gallery showcasing precision die casting mold making created by our esteemed customers.

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  • customized precision die casting mold
  • Metal Die Casting Mold
  • OEM Die Cating Mold
  • Precision Aluminum Die Casting Mold
  • Precision Die Casting Mold

See What Our Customers Say About Us

The feedback of customers has a greater impact than a company's advertising. Take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say about how we met their needs.

John---- Automotive Engineer

The die casting mold services provided by NOBLE exceeded our expectations. They delivered high-quality molds that allowed us to achieve precise and consistent parts. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured efficient production and cost savings.

Sarah ---- Aerospace Engineer

We have been relying on NOBLE die casting for our mold needs for years. Their experienced team consistently delivers molds that meet our stringent requirements. Their exceptional quality, reliability, and on-time delivery have made them our trusted partner in the aerospace industry.

Mark ---- Senior Engineer

The die casting molds provided by NOBLE have significantly improved our production process. With their molds, we achieved excellent part quality, reduced scrap rates, and increased productivity. Their knowledgeable team guided us throughout the process, ensuring successful outcomes.

Emily ---- Project Engineer

NOBLE die casting's mold services have been instrumental in our success. Their attention to detail and ability to handle complex designs have resulted in precise and durable components for our medical equipment. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are unparalleled.

Die Casting Mold Making Applications

NOBLE is committed to providing cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to satisfy the various needs of our customers. Our major objective is to offer consumers in many sectors high-quality products at affordable costs. Our devoted crew is well-equipped to meet a variety of industrial requirements. Here are some typical industries that we work with.

  • New energy parts machining
    Oil & Gas

    Die casting molds are employed in the oil and gas industry to manufacture critical components such as valves, fittings, connectors, and pump parts. Die casting offers the advantage of producing high-strength and corrosion-resistant components required for challenging environments in the oil and gas sector.

  •  tool& die parts machining
    Tool & Die

    NOBLE's professional engineering team has die casting mold making expertise in the tool and die industry, providing you with Professional technical support in tool and mold making, precision machining, material properties, and manufacturing technique selection.

  • automotive parts machining

    Our die casting mold making services enables the production of a wide range of components that contribute to the performance, safety of vehicles in the automotive industry. Components like engine blocks, transmission cases, cylinder heads, and various structural parts.

  • Aerospace cnc machining

    The experts at NOBLE have in-depth knowledge of die casting mold making methods for the aerospace sector. Utilize our die casting mold making capabilities to create lightweight, highly durable components without sacrificing strict aviation standards.

  • Medical  parts machining
    Medical Devices

    Die casting molds are utilized in the medical industry to produce precise and complex components like surgical instruments, implantable devices, and diagnostic equipment parts. The high accuracy, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness of die casting make it suitable for meeting the stringent requirements of the medical sector.

  • robot parts machining

    Our cutting-edge capabilities, innovative craftsmanship, and skilled engineering team could better serve the robotics field with advanced die casting mold making solutions.

Die Casting Mold Making FAQs

  • Q

    What Mould are used in die casting?


    In die casting, different types of molds are used, including steel molds, also known as dies. These dies are typically made from hardened steel and consist of two halves, the "fixed half" and the "movable half." The fixed half remains stationary, while the movable half is attached to the die casting machine and opens and closes during the casting process. The molds are precision-engineered to create the desired shape and intricacies of the final product. The choice of mold material and design depends on factors such as the casting material, complexity of the part, and production volume.

  • Q

    What are the key steps involved in preparing an aluminum die casting Tooling?


    Aluminum die-cast toolings are prepared using a variety of methods and materials. It is made using the final object's template. The material that was utilized to build the molds is visible in the die-cast item. Designing, construction, secondary processing, assembly are main four process.

  • Q

    How do you make a die cast Mould?


    Creating a die cast mold involves several steps. First, a design for the mold is created, considering factors like part geometry and material. Next, the mold is crafted using high-quality steel or other suitable materials. The mold is precision machined to the desired shape and features. Cooling channels are incorporated to regulate temperature during the casting process. Finally, the mold undergoes surface treatments and finishes to enhance durability and release properties. The process requires expertise in mold design, machining, and surface treatment to ensure optimal performance and quality in die casting production.

  • Q

    What is the difference between die casting and Mould casting?


    Die casting is a process that uses high pressure to force molten metal into a mould. Mold casting is a process that uses gravity to fill a mould with molten metal. Die casting produces parts that are more precise and have a better surface finish than those produced by mould casting.

  • Q

    What is most widely used for die casting?


    Aluminium.magnesium,zinc and brass are four common materials for die casting.

  • Q

    Why would you use die casting?


    Die casting offers several advantages that make it a preferred manufacturing process in certain applications. It allows for the production of complex, intricate, and high-precision parts with tight tolerances. Die casting provides excellent dimensional accuracy and repeatability, resulting in consistent part quality. The process allows for high production rates and cost efficiency, making it suitable for large-scale manufacturing. Additionally, die casting offers excellent material properties, such as high strength and durability. It is often utilized in industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and appliances, where these advantages are crucial for efficient and reliable production.

  • Q

    Can die casting mould be reused?


    Yes, die casting molds can be reused multiple times. The molds, typically made of high-quality steel, are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in the die casting process. After each casting cycle, the mold can be cleaned, inspected, and prepared for the next production run. Proper maintenance and occasional repairs, such as weld repairs or cavity replacements, can extend the lifespan of the mold. Reusing molds in die casting helps optimize production costs and ensures consistent part quality throughout multiple production runs.

  • Q

    Is Die Casting Permanent Mold?


    Metal for permanent mould flows directly from the reservoir into the cavity. In die casting, the molten metal is pushed into the cavity under intense pressure.

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