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Precision Machined Parts for the Medical Industry

NOBLE is a reliable manufacturer of medical critical components for surgical instruments and tools, and medical device prototyping. With over 10 years of CNC manufacturing experience, we are powered by our guarantee of the closest tolerances and precision on every machined part. Our skilled machinists can custom machine part designs to the highest standards for all aspects of the medical industry.

NOBLE is fully trusted by customers around the world, and most of them become firm partners after placing orders and receiving finished products that far exceed expectations. Precision medical components manufactured by NOBLE are easily found in trocar/cannula systems, CT and MRI scanner systems, biopsy cutters, respiratory, cardiopulmonary and cardiac equipment, and more.

Precision Machined Parts for the Medical Industry

Our Medical Parts Machining Services

With cutting-edge technology, highly skilled technicians, and state-of-the-art machining equipment, from rapid prototyping to mass production of medical products, outperform other CNC machining suppliers at competitive prices. Our expertise, quality, and attention to detail have earned the trust of numerous medical device manufacturers, developers, and designers. We have won the medical production qualification production, escort your medical project quotation with unparalleled processing precision, and assist you to optimize the design, selecting the appropriate process, reducing costs, and achieving rapid mass production.

Advanced Equipment & Cost-Effective Price

10+ years of Medical Parts Processing Services

ISO 9001 & ISO13485 Certified Factory

Perfect & rigorous quality inspection process

24/7 engineering support


Our Robust Medical Parts Machining Service Capabilities

  • 80+


  • 12+

    Surface Finishes

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  • ±0.005MM


Our On-DemandCNC Machiningof Medical Devices

With the high requirements of modern society and technological development, CNC machining is the perfect choice for the medical field. Components used in medical devices often feature complex structures and geometries during manufacturing. We utilize precision CNC machining techniques such as multi-axis CNC milling and CNC turning to create the high precision and tolerances required for medical applications, and combine different CNC machining processes such as injection molding, die-casting, EDM, and wire-cut machining to create complex and incredible parts are used in healthcare systems.

NOBLE is a reliable manufacturer of custom CNC machined components for OEMs in the medical device market. We have gained expertise and acclaim in medical device processing and manufacturing, backed by our leading facilities and well-trained staff. Whether you need rapid prototyping for functional testing or low-volume to high-volume production, we can fully meet your requirements and specifications with our high-speed multi-axis milling centers, CNC turning, fast prototyping equipment, and EDM. Our mission is to advance manufacturing services in healthcare to improve the quality of life for all across the industry!

Precision CNC Machiningfor Medical Components

NOBLE has always maintained innovation in the precision parts machining industry, progressively progressive, and developed based on the principle of being people-oriented. Over the years, NOBLE has had a wide range of branches in the field of medical precision parts processing, is fully trusted by developers and manufacturers, and gives them project support, Helping them overcome various technical difficulties, and double their performance. Medical products are all processed and manufactured under dust-free and temperature-controlled conditions to ensure that they perform strictly as required when they are used.

CNC Machining for Radiology Equipment PartsRadiologists work with equipment manufactured to be precise and function properly to ensure accurate results. Therefore, each component had to work clearly, instantly, and efficiently on site. Additionally, they must be durable and mobile, as these machines are often moved from room to room.1677207945449256
Our experts produce high-quality components for radiology equipment, such as anodes for X-ray systems, collimators for CT scans, and details for MRI tables. You can always rely on NOBLE because we have more than ten years of experience in precision parts processing to guarantee the quality of your medical equipment parts.
CNC Machined Components for Surgical Tools and InstrumentsAs we all know, the job of a surgeon requires extreme care, precision and concentration. NOBLE's experts bring their skills and expertise to the CNC machining of precision medical micro parts. They fully understand the significance and importance of high-precision parts in medical equipment. Custom titanium implants, gears and other miniature components fabricated by our 5-axis machining experts are used in implantable medical devices, cardiac devices and orthopedic applications.1677207952245493

Types of Medical Parts Machined for Medical Applications

NOBLE has superb processing and manufacturing technology and a wide range of processing materials for medical parts, which can well meet the needs of the medical industry. NOBLE's technicians are also experienced and knowledgeable in the correct materials for medical product development, and we will work with you to select the materials that best meet your requirements. Below are some of our Noble Materials commonly used to develop medical device parts. Take a look at some of the most popular materials used to develop medical device components.

tTitaniumTitanium offers an increased strength-to-weight ratio and higher corrosion resistance, making it ideal for medical device prototyping. It works excellently with 3D printing to create custom parts from patients’ body scans. Titanium also has several properties that offer it increased resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures.
sStainless SteelThis low-carbon steel is ideal for several kinds of medical components. It is a non-toxic and non-corrosive material that comes in several variants, making it useful for extensive medical applications. While stainless steel is durable on its own, it can also be finished to improve its appearance and mechanical properties.
3Silicone RubberSilicon rubber offers increased thermosetting advantages. It complies with industry standards due to its high thermal stability and flexibility. Therefore, it can be easily sterilized with various methods. This material is also stable and maintains its flexibility even in extreme conditions.
图片4ThermoplasticsThermoplastics are highly durable, flexible, and functional materials for medical product manufacturing. They have excellent corrosion, detergent and chemical resistance, making them last longer than other typical medical materials. Thermoplastics are also very adhesive to metals, making them useful for overmolding medical prototypes for improved functionality.

Post-Processing for Medical Prototypes & Products

With NOBLE's skilled post-processing technology, we can provide your medical prototypes and products with unique surface treatments to meet your product's aesthetics and chemical and corrosion resistance needs. Depending on material selection and product application, we offer the following finishes.

AnodizingAnodizingIt improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of medical components.AluminumClear, black, grey, red, blue, and gold.Smooth, matte
powder coatingPowder CoatingPowder coating is a great choice for medical devices because of its natural antimicrobial qualities. It promotes a hygienic and sterile environment needed in the medical industry.Aluminum, Stainless Steel, SteelBlack, any RAL code or Pantone numberGloss or semi-gloss
ElectroplatingElectroplatingElectroplating is an aesthetic and functional finish that improves the looks and corrosion resistance of medical products. It also improves their mechanical properties, making them more durable.Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steeln/aSmooth, glossy
图片8Bead blastingBead blasting improves the aesthetic appearance of medical devices. It also reduces wear and tear in these components, making them last longer.Aluminum, Stainless Steel, ThermoplasticsGray, blackSmooth, matte
PolishingPassivationPassivation helps to remove particles from medical components to prevent future corrosion. It impacts adequate corrosion resistance on the products.Stainless Steel, Aluminum, TitaniumYellow, clear blue, green, blackSmooth, matte, semi-gloss
BrushingHeat TreatmentHeat treatment helps to improve the corrosion resistance, strength, and biocompatibility of medical devices.Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless SteelFaint yellow, brown, strawSmooth, matte

Advantages of NOBLE CNC Machining Medical Parts

NOBLE provides reliable prototyping and production of medical devices, from simple to complex medical components. Combining advanced technology and exceptional manufacturing expertise, we can bring your medical products to life in the most efficient way possible. No matter the complexity of your part, we can help you achieve your goals through rapid prototyping, bridge tooling, and low-volume production.

  • Affordable

    Tailored production solution for your medical manufacturing equipment or application in the most cost-effective way.

  • Strong Capabilities

    We are an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which shows that we have the best manufacturing capabilities, correct material certification, and advanced technology. NOBLE's medical device components comply with regulatory requirements regarding size, performance, strength, etc.

  • Precision Parts

    NOBLE's medical device prototyping services provide parts that meet tolerance and precision requirements. We can manufacture medical parts with tolerances up to ±0.001 inches. Our finishing techniques and expertise also help us ensure the precision of your medical device prototypes.

  • Precision Parts

    NOBLE can accelerate medical part manufacturing through our custom design and custom tooling capabilities. We'll work with you to analyze the uniqueness of your product, then use high-tech manufacturing processes to bring the concept to life.

  • Fully Customizable

    NOBLE has more than ten years of ability to custom design medical components to provide powerful assistance for your medical projects. We'll work with you to analyze your product's uniqueness, then use a high-tech manufacturing process to bring the concept to life.

  • Durable

    High-quality and eco-friendly materials satisfy the requirements of your medical applications.

  • Efficient

    NOBELA has 1,000 square meters of dust-free workshop & advanced CNC processing equipment can realize rapid prototyping and manufacturing of medical parts for mass production.

  • Exceptional Service

    Let customers participate in every stage of the production process and solve problems in time.

Honorary Qualifications WE Have Obtained

NOBLE holds ISO 13485:2016 certification, a management system standard for medical device manufacturing. This demonstrates full regulatory compliance for all medical device prototypes and components you receive from us. It also showcases our quality control and assurance system, assuring you that we will manufacture parts to your specific needs. We are ready to serve every client in the dental, biotech, surgical, and pharmaceutical industries and more.


Our Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical industry relies on precisely manufactured products to maintain human health. NOBLE's ISO 13485 accreditation demonstrates that we deliver precise, high-quality medical components that meet regulatory and quality standards. Enjoy reliable and professional medical device manufacturing solutions, customizing products with the highest quality standards.

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Custom Prototypes and Parts Gallery for the Medical Device Industry

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