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Custom Assembly Service

Put your custom parts together! Our custom assembly services ensure quality, short turnaround times, and meet unique project specifications at competitive prices.

Advanced Equipment & Cost-Effective Price

10+ Years of Assembly

1,000 mDust-Free Workshop

Instant Ensured Precision & Quality in Every Assembly

Custom Assembly to Meet Project Demands

24/7 Engineering Support


Why Choose Our Custom Assembly Service

Unparalleled precision and precise assembly instructions are tailored to you at competitive prices, ensuring superior part quality on every project from concept to final completion.

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    Strong Assembly Capability

    Equipped with a 1000m2 dust-free assembly workshop, which can meet the assembly, testing and packaging requirements of various batch projects.

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    Precision Assembly

    Excellent assembly capabilities and complete quality inspection processes ensure precision assembly and each component is perfectly matched to optimize product performance and service life.

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    Tailored Solutions

    Our engineering team evaluates your individual needs and matches them with custom assembly options and flexible processes to meet each project's unique specifications.

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    Fast Turnaround

    Our sophisticated work processes and experienced assemblers ensure quick project turnaround without compromising product quality, ensuring your products are delivered ahead of schedule.

  • 24/7 Engineering Support
    24/7 Engineering Support

    No matter where you are, you have access to our 24/7 engineering support year-round. Our experienced engineers can provide you with the best assembly solution for your part design, material selection, surface finishing options, and even delivery time.

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    Expertise and Experience

    With years of assembly experience, our experts consistently deliver products that exceed customer expectations, reflecting our mastery of assembled parts precision.

Our Custom Assembly Process

We ensure clarity, efficiency, and focus throughout the design and assembly process to provide you with top-notch results.

  • Upload Your Design
    Design Review and Optimazation

    First, we thoroughly examine your design and suggest optimization methods to detect and prevent any potential issues, resulting in smoother and more efficient parts manufacturing and assembly.

  • Receive Design Analysis
    Part Manufacturing and Preparation

    Appropriate processes and materials are selected to manufacture parts, and each component is cleaned and rigorously inspected before assembly. We set the stage for a seamless assembly.

  • Start Manufacturing

    Our skilled team assembles each component with precision using the best tools and assembly processes. We ensure that all metal and plastic parts align correctly and function as intended.

  • Receive Your Parts
    Packaging and Delivery

    Once finished, we carefully pack your item, putting safety first. We work hard to deliver your assembled item to you on time and in perfect shape.

Our Assembly Methods for Metal and Plastic Parts

We offer personalized assembly techniques that are tailored to meet your unique project requirements, with fast turnaround times.

  • Manual Assembly
    Manual Assembly

    Our skilled technicals accurately piece together components, perfect for projects requiring personalized attention and meticulous craftsmanship.

  • Molding Assembly
    Molding Assembly

    We use molding techniques to integrate parts, either by over-molding or insert molding for robust integration.

  • Mechanical Assembly
    Mechanical Assembly

    Parts can be securely joined through physical methods such as riveting, welding, and screwing, resulting in long-lasting and durable connections.

  • Adhesive Bonding
    Adhesive Bonding

    We use strong adhesive to join parts, resulting in a seamless and secure bond without any visible fasteners or marks.

Our Assembly Service for Various Needs

We specialize in accurately assembling a wide range of steel structures, metal parts, and specialized equipment with care.


Metal parts assembly

Plastic products assembly

Structural steel assembly

Proprietary equipment assembly

Electrical assemblies

Inplant tools and tooling

Our Custom Assembly Service Case


Power Equipment Inspection Robot

A power equipment inspection robot was constructed by NOBLE for a leading industrial company, has been assembled by NOBLE, and is now functional. The robot has proven advantageous in terms of improving efficiency, and worker safety, and reducing labor costs, resulting in projects that are safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Our engineering team closely assembles the multiple components to ensure that they meet the customer's specific requirements. To cater to the robot's unique size and shipping concerns, NOBLE went beyond expectations and provided custom packaging. This not only guarantees quality but also ensures safe delivery, ultimately making projects more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our Custom Assembly of Applications

Providing unparalleled precision and custom assembly solutions at competitive prices to various industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, appliances, telecommunications, and medical devices. NOBLE is committed to providing innovative assembly solutions, guiding customers on each project from initial concept to final completion, and maintaining the highest standards of product quality to meet the diverse needs of customers.

  • New energy parts machining
    Oil & Gas

    NOBLE's professionals have an in-depth understanding of parts assembly technology in industries such as oil and gas and use advanced assembly technology to ensure high product accuracy and shorten customer product development cycles.

  •  tool& die parts machining
    Tool & Die

    NOBLE's professional engineering team has assembly expertise in the tool and mold industry, providing you with professional technical support in tool and mold manufacturing, precision machining, material properties, manufacturing processes, and assembly selection.

  • automotive parts machining

    Our assembly services enhance a variety of components that help improve the performance, safety, and aesthetics of vehicles in the automotive industry.

  • Aerospace cnc machining

    Our custom assembly services provide high-quality, precise, and durable components that meet the stringent requirements for aircraft safety, performance, and reliability.

  • Medical  parts machining
    Medical Devices

    Our custom assembly services are carefully designed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry, ensuring every part we produce meets or exceeds the highest standards, greatly increasing product performance and longevity.

  • robot parts machining

    Our cutting-edge capabilities, innovative processes, and skilled engineering teams can be solved through advanced custom assembly services to better serve the robotics field and greatly improve robot performance and longevity.

Our Assembly Service FAQS

  • Q

    What types of custom parts can you assemble?


    Our knowledge spans a wide variety of custom parts, from metal and plastic parts to electrical assembly and specialised machinery. With our cutting-edge methods and specialised tools, we are able to manage a variety of assembly projects that are suited to certain industry requirements.

  • Q

    Why should I consider using assembly services?


    Assembly services can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, they save you time and effort by handling the complex assembly process on your behalf. This is especially helpful if you lack the necessary tools, skills, or patience to assemble the item yourself. Additionally, professional assembly often ensures proper setup, reducing the risk of errors or damage that could occur during self-assembly.

  • Q

    Are there any limitations for the custom parts assembly?


    Although we are capable of handling a wide range of sizes and weights, there are some restrictions to maintain the highest levels of quality and safety. The best way to determine the viability of your idea is to discuss its details with our experts.

  • Q

    How do you ensure the quality of the assembled parts?


    At every level of our assembly process, we incorporate strict quality controls. We use cutting-edge testing techniques and thorough oversight from design review to final inspection to ensure the reliability and functionality of the manufactured parts.

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