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What should be paid attention to?The end of CNC machining attention points

Let's imagine what will happen if a machine is in darkness and humidity for a long time, covered with dust, corroded by oil and various other chemical liquids, and the production personnel move the machine without authorization. It goes without saying that so many problems are not only that the machining accuracy and performance of the machine will decline, the loss will increase greatly, the replacement frequency of parts will soar, which will increase a lot of time and cost, and our precision machines will be easy to scrap. So today, we will summarize the matters that will affect CNC processing, which can be avoided for reference, so as to reduce the loss.

Aluminum Alloy CNC Machining

1. Overcut check. Over cutting is a common problem, which should be paid special attention to. The most important way to review is to mold the tool path again and check it repeatedly in the top view and side view. The tool path without review is not allowed to be machined. During contour milling, if the lower tool position is small, it will also be overcut, which can be avoided by changing the lower tool point.

2.Mold and product fit tolerance. The accuracy of parts processed by CNC lathe is very strict. It can be used only when it reaches the required accuracy. The judgment of this accuracy mainly depends on its control ability of size. If this accuracy is within the specified range where the tolerance can fluctuate, the part is qualified, and if it exceeds the tolerance, it is unqualified.

3.Clamp the tool. Before the cutter head is installed on the machine, its taper fit position shall be wiped clean with a cleaning cloth. For the tool length, the tool tip setting method is adopted (in the case of tool in tool setting in special cases), and the instructions of the program sheet shall be carefully checked during tool setting. When the program is interrupted or the tool must be adjusted again, pay attention to whether the depth can be connected with the front. Generally, it can be increased by 0.1mm first, and then adjusted according to the situation. If the rotary retractable cutter head adopts water-soluble cutting fluid, it should be immersed in lubricating oil for several hours every half month for maintenance.

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4.Arrangement of processing sequence. When arranging the processing sequence, the basic principles must be observed, including "face first and then hole", "rough first and then fine", etc. in addition to these basic principles, it should also be processed according to the centralized process of the tool to avoid repeated use of the same tool and reduce the number and time of tool change. For the hole system with high coaxiality requirements, the hole system at other coordinate positions shall be processed after the processing of the hole system is completed after one positioning, so as to eliminate the error caused by repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system. Select and determine the tool point and tool change point. Once it is determined, it should not be replaced.

Aluminum Alloy CNC Machining

These are problems that should be paid attention to and worth thinking about. That's all for today's sharing. Please look forward to sharing in the next issue.

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