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Robot precision parts processing process

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent robots have become a blue ocean field, and many processing manufacturers have joined the ranks of R&D and design robots. Every intelligent robot is expensive, especially in the R&D and design stage, which requires a lot of workforces, energy, and financial resources. When it comes to mass production, die-casting modeling and precision machining are generally used.

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Robot development prospect:

Various types of robots developed by modern high-end technology have been widely used in many fields and occupy a pivotal position. Science is constantly developing, and the performance levels of robot manufacturing processes are constantly improving.

Then Shenzhen Noble has more than ten years of experience in high-precision CNC machining in this industry and has also participated in the customization and batch manufacturing of products in the medical industry, optical accessories, and communication accessories. Having accumulated rich experience, we have also taken professional processing measures when faced with the processing of precision robot parts. Then let Noble explain the process of robot spare parts processing for you!

Robotic precision parts manufacturing process steps:

1.When the customer sends 2D and 3D drawings, we will evaluate and optimize the design. If the customer needs to sign a confidentiality agreement, we will take confidentiality protect the customer's confidentiality strictly.

2. Analyze the production process through the product's material and surfacmeasures to e treatment requirements, as well as the robot parts' shape and core technical parameters, and then make the quotation sheet to provide the quotation to the customer.

3. Conduct a video conference with the customer's engineer to confirm the process and determine the product scheme.

4. Process parts and components through the company's management system, issue orders to the production system, and then organize relevant departments to program to obtain the three-dimensional processing effect of products.

5. Purchase the raw materials required for robot parts processing, analyze the material elements, and store the materials.

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6. Carry out small batch production and process optimization, and then to the large batch output.

7. The subsequent process treatment is closer, such as whether the part surface needs grinding, polishing, spraying, electroplating, wire drawing, etc.

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8. Conduct assembly test after production, and deliver to customers after completion.

Generally, when the sample production is completed and the assembly and commissioning are OK, it will be accompanied by the batch advantages of the finished products because the requirements of intelligent robots will be higher than those of traditional products. Therefore, precision machining can not be ignored and needs a whole rigorous production process chain for cooperation. Shenzhen nopal Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer with various precision machining processes and processing strength.


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