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      With the advent of industry 4.0 and industrial automation, more intelligent equipment and robots will be widely used in various fields, driving the rapid growth of the robot industry. "Industry 4.0" is one of the most discussed topics in the world. Nowadays, innovation and change have become one of the main challenges that countries and companies must face. In recent years, robots are more and more widely used in economic, social and other fields. In particular, industrial robots have become an important driving force for industrial manufacturing enterprises to realize automation and intelligent upgrading.

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Mir data show that in 2021, China's industrial robot shipments reached 256360 units, a year-on-year increase of 49.5%, a record high. Meanwhile, the scale of China's industrial robot market will reach 44.57 billion yuan in 2021. It is expected that the scale of China's industrial robot market is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan in 2022. Industrial robot is one of the core tasks of China's "manufacturing power strategy" and the core link of China's machine replacement and manufacturing industry upgrading. Benefiting from the development trend of automation and intelligence in China's manufacturing industry, under multiple drives, China's industrial robot market may reach 100 billion in the next five years.

The combination of compound robot + CNC will become more and more common:

Sweeping robot

The plan clearly states that by 2025, China will strive to become the source of global robot technology innovation, high-end manufacturing agglomeration and a new highland of integrated application. The average annual growth of the operating revenue of the robot industry will exceed 20%, and the density of robots in the manufacturing industry will double. It is estimated that by 2025, the sales scale of industrial robots in China will reach about 105.1 billion yuan.

Overall, industrial robots are a strong driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading, and also the key to enhance national strength and competitiveness. The accelerated construction of 5g, Internet of things and industrial Internet is of great significance for the development of industrial robots. Under multiple drivers, the market scale of China's industrial robots may reach 100 billion in the next five years, and relevant enterprises can focus on layout.

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