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Four aspects prevent magnesium alloys machining from fire accidents

Due to the properties of magnesium itself, it is easy to burn, so fire accidents are prone to occur during the production and processing of magnesium, and its danger is worthy of attention. Then we can try to prevent the occurrence of fire from four aspects.

magnesium alloys

一、Prevent the combustion and explosion of magnesium dust and magnesium chips during processing:

During the processing of magnesium alloys, some powder will be generated, which can control the processing speed, ensure a relatively low humidity, increase the feed rate and cutting force, and cannot stop for too long during the processing, and the clearance angle of the tool and The chip space should not be too small, and cutting fluid should be used to avoid metal collision to generate sparks, and to avoid the accumulation of chips and other aspects of control to ensure the safety of magnesium alloy processing.

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二、 Production conditions and operators:

There should be no inflammable and explosive materials on the production site. The operation area and management area should be equipped with sufficient fire-fighting facilities and equipment. Operators should conduct safety training and standard equipment use training before they can take up their jobs, standardize the use of labor protection supplies and pay attention to safety precautions.

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三、 About proper extinguishing:

Let's say something goes wrong at the manufacturing plant and you need to put out the fire. Water is definitely not an option because - as we know it - it can make things worse. The following fire extinguishers can be selected:

Dry Class D fire extinguishers are more effective at extinguishing magnesium fires. G-1 passivated graphite-based powder or Met-L-X sodium chloride-based powder canister pressurized fire extinguisher, if necessary, storage tanks and barrels can also be used to bulk bulk G-1 passivated graphite-based powder to prevent fire damage serious development.

Production conditions magnesium alloys

四、 Treatment of some magnesium alloy processing procedures:

All heating processes of magnesium alloys should be electric heating, and use a hot air circulating furnace, and the furnace itself must be cleaned regularly to avoid debris or pollution, and the furnace and billets should be completely dried. The protective gas generally has dual functions: one is to prevent surface oxidation; the other is to effectively prevent common burning damage if the furnace temperature is too high. The three shielding gases commonly used are SF6, SO2, and CO2, and other inert gases can also be used. However, due to the high cost of inert gas, it is not applicable in most cases. In the fine grinding and polishing process, since the fine chips and fine powder produced have a large "surface: volume" ratio, and thus easily reach the ignition temperature, it is necessary to use an inert cutting oil for the process. Lubrication (which is widely used in foreign magnesium alloy strip processing and production) can effectively avoid process fires.

The above briefly discusses the key points of safe operation in the process of die casting and machining of magnesium alloys, in order to facilitate safe production and protect personal safety and property safety.

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