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"Lightweight", magnesium alloy is also keeping pace with the times

Magnesium alloy, the lightest and higher specific strength of practical metals, has become no longer a rare material used in the manufacture of notebook computers, auto parts and camera shells. Nevertheless, it is still far from being a universal material. "Flammable", "difficult to process", "high price" - this impression has always been accompanied by magnesium alloys. Although it has been expected as a lightweight material, its popularity is not satisfactory. So how to overcome these difficulties and make magnesium alloy no longer sleep?

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一、 In terms of material, new high temperature resistant alloys have been introduced one after another:

Kumadai nonflammable magnesium alloy released by Kumamoto University in Japan in 2012. As its foundation, "kumadai heat-resistant magnesium alloy" will not spontaneously ignite above 900 ℃, while its evolved version, "kumadai non combustible magnesium alloy", will not burn at all. With its excellent strength, it is expected to be used to manufacture aircraft structural materials that pay attention to flame retardancy.

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二、Evolution of processing methods:

Now, magnesium alloy structural materials are mainly made of castings. In order to be used for creative purposes or high-strength large-scale structural materials, plastic processing technologies such as extrusion, stamping and calendering and corresponding materials must be used. Calendering materials can meet this demand and are expected to promote the popularization of magnesium alloys in the field of structural materials.

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三、 Challenge energy issues:

Attempts to use magnesium alloys as energy related materials such as fuel cells and hydrogen storage have also made progress. In fact, it has been known before that magnesium alloy has excellent ability in this kind of use in theory, but it has not been brought into full play in practice. Because it is easy to corrode, it has been difficult to use in industry. Magnesium alloy is also used as hydrogen storage alloy in the field of hydrogen storage. Biocoke lab has developed convenient and safe hydrogen storage and transportation technology and launched products.

Pay close attention to the development of magnesium alloy which has overcome the old problems and accumulated strong strength.

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