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How to ensure the quality of precision parts processing

In the process of precision parts processing, enterprises must not only ensure the quality, but also carefully maintain the external beauty and generosity. In order to better ensure that precision parts are not corroded by sweat, gas and other components, they are always in the factory state and prolong their service life. When packaging the part after release, a separate airtight packaging method must be used. At the same time, the scrubbing must be carried out with gasoline or ethanol, and the work requires gloves to work and dry, and then use cotton wool for protection.

In the processing of various mechanical parts, the balance screw is very difficult to process due to its deep groove, small overall width, and small tolerance range of specifications and dimensions. to guarantee size. From the perspective of traditional processing technology, combined with the current measuring tools, the mold shell can be polished and grooved before processing; the balance screw and the mold sleeve can be processed at the same time, and there is a small gap between the mold sleeve and the product workpiece. It not only improves the stiffness of the slot, reduces the probability of deformation, but also makes the precision of the balance screw higher.

This standard refers to points, lines and areas used to clarify the geometrical associations between the geometrical elements of the manufacturing target. For the machining of mechanical parts, the standard is to clarify the points, lines and surfaces on which other points, lines and surfaces on the part are based. In the design scheme and production process of equipment parts, the selection of points, lines and surfaces according to different regulations is one of the key elements that directly affects the machining performance of parts, the specifications between surfaces, and the accuracy of parts. According to the different functions and places of use, the standards can be divided into two categories: design scheme standards and processing technology standards.

The above explains the quality assurance method of precision parts processing, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you want to know more about precision parts processing or have needs in this regard, welcome to consult Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., we will serve you sincerely!

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