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What problems generally occur in plastic mold processing

The general problems in plastic mold processing are:

1. Products that are not good for flying molds will have fronts;

2. Whether the cooling water channel can quickly and evenly cool the mold;

3. The runner design should be reasonable and balanced, and the exhaust should be done well;

4. Don't install the wrong parts in the assembly mold, and move smoothly between the modules;

5. Size and plastic materials have shrinkage rate, mold size should be multiplied by material shrinkage rate;

6. The size of the glue inlet is appropriate, too large will make it difficult to separate the product, and too small plastic parts will be unsatisfactory;

7. In terms of demolding and ejection, whether the demolding inclination of the cavity is sufficient, the surface is polished, the thimble arrangement should be reasonable, and the stroke of the inclined top travel should be sufficient.

The high precision, high consistency, high productivity, low energy consumption and low consumables achieved by plastic mold processing parts make the position of plastic molds in the manufacturing industry more and more important. When choosing a plastic mold processing plant, you must first choose according to the plastic mold to be processed. Generally speaking, you must choose a machine with high precision, many curved surfaces, high speed and light cutting. In addition to these considerations, its cost performance is also a consideration. problem.

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