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Plastic mold surface treatment

Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production. With the advancement of science and technology and the needs of market competition, industrial production puts forward requirements for high quality, high efficiency, long life and low cost of molds. Precise and efficient molds rely on advanced mold manufacturing technology, and mold surface treatment and surface processing are important links.

Sandblasting is to shoot quartz sand to the surface of the mold through an air gun with a certain air pressure, thereby forming a layer of frosted surface on the surface of the plastic mold. When a plastic mold injects a product, a frosted effect is formed on the surface of the product. Generally, sandblasting is divided into fine sand and coarse sand. For sandblasting, the surface of the plastic part is easily ground off.

The skin texture is made by chemical potion corrosion method. There are the most types of dermatoglyphic surfaces, and various effect surfaces can be imitated.

The price of dermatoglyphic processing is very different, and the technical content of dermatoglyphic technology is high. For different skin textures, the price is relatively low. However, for the three-dimensional skin pattern used in the mold of automobile interior parts and the mold of household appliances, the price is much more expensive.

The fire pattern refers to the lines left after the EDM plastic mold is processed. For fire patterns, after the EDM of the mold, the fire pattern effect on the surface of the product can also be used, and the fire pattern treatment is adopted. Generally, the electrode processing fire pattern is not specially made, so the cost is higher.

For the surface treatment technology of plastic molds, we use the most dermatoglyphics. Of course, what kind of surface treatment the actual product needs to use depends on the use of the plastic part.

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