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The shortcomings of plastic mold processing using hot runner system applications

Hot runner system, also called hot runner system, is mainly composed of hot sprue sleeve, hot runner plate and temperature control electric box. Our common hot runner system has two forms: single-point hot gate and multi-point hot gate.

 1. The single-point hot gate uses a single hot gate sleeve to directly inject molten plastic into the cavity. It is suitable for plastic molds with a single cavity and single gate;

 2. Multi-point hot gate is to branch the molten material into each sub-heat gate sleeve through the hot runner plate and then enter the cavity. It is suitable for single-cavity multi-point feeding or multi-cavity molds.

 The shortcomings of the application of the hot runner system in plastic mold processing:

 1. There is thermal expansion, thermal expansion and contraction are issues that we must consider when designing;

 2. The closing height of the overall mold is increased, due to the addition of hot runner plates, etc., the overall height of the mold has increased;

 3. The cost of mold manufacturing increases, and the price of standard parts of the hot runner system is higher, which affects the popularization of hot runner molds;

 4. The heat radiation is difficult to control. The biggest problem of hot runner is the heat loss of runner, which is a major issue that needs to be solved.

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