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Aluminum alloy processing technology

The aluminum alloy obtains a metal alloy, such as silicon, iron, copper, aluminum, etc., and other metals, such as silica, iron, copper, aluminum, etc., and the aluminum alloy parts, such as silica, iron, copper, aluminum, etc., and other metals. The processing process can be separated from roughing and finishing. After roughing, heat treatment, cutting stress and residual thermal force is fully released, and then the processing will greatly improve the processing quality of the parts.

1, aluminum alloy parts machinery

Also known as CNC machining, automatic lathe processing, CNC lathe processing, etc.

(1) Universal machine tools such as cars, milling, planing, drill, and mill, then carry out the necessary fitter to fit into a variety of abrasives.

(2) Mold parts with high precision requirements, using only normal machine tools to ensure high processing accuracy, and thus require processing using precision machine tools.

(3) In order to reduce the mold parts, the shape of the shape, the machining of the concave mold hole, and the cavity is more automated, and the workload of the fitter is reduced, and the number of control machine tools (such as three coordinate crimping milling machines, machining center, CNC grinding machine) Equal equipment) Processing mold parts.

2, aluminum alloy parts stamping processing

Stamping is an external force to plate, strip, pipe, and profiles such as press, strip, pipe, and profiles such that it produces plastic deformation or separation, thereby obtaining the molding method of the desired shape and size of workpiece (stamping parts), and stamping formation is by means The driving force of the conventional or special stamping equipment, the sheet material is directly deformed and deformed in the mold, thereby obtaining a certain shape, size, and product parts of the product parts. Sheets, molds, and equipment are three factors of stamping processed. Stamping forming is a metal cold deformation process, which is referred to as a cold press or sheet stamping, referred to as stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing.

3. Aluminum alloy parts precision casting

Precision casting, special casting. The parts obtained in this method generally do not need to perform machining. Such as molten casting, pressure casting, etc. Universal practice is: First, according to the design of the product requirements (very small retaining amount or no margin), cast wax by casting method, obtain the original wax mold; repeat coating and Samanda step on the wax , Hardened shell and dry; then dissolve the internal wax mold, is a dewax, obtain a cavity; roasting shell to obtain sufficient strength; pouring the metal material required, shelling the shell, thus obtaining high Precision finished products, then according to product needs or heat treatment and cold processing.

4, Aluminum alloy parts powder metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is a metal powder and a metal powder is made of a material, a mixed, molded and sintering, manufacturing material or article.

5, Aluminum alloy parts injection molding

The solid powder is uniformly mixed with the organic binder. After the granulation, the molding machine is injected into the mold cavity in the heating plasticized state (~ 150 ° C), and the forming blank is used to use chemical or thermally decomposed methods. The binder is removed, and finally the final product is obtained by sintering.

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