Technical Informations

Aluminium car parts

Cast aluminum alloys have excellent casting properties. Suitable alloys and suitable casting methods can be selected according to the requirements of the use of the purpose, the shape, size accuracy, quantity, quality standard, mechanical properties, etc. Casting aluminum alloy is mainly used in cast engine cylinders, clutch housings, rear axle housings, steering case housings, transmission, gas supply mechanism, oil pump, water pump, rocker cap, wheel, engine frame, brake pliers, cylinder and Non-engine components such as brake discs.

Engine aluminum alloy:

The automotive engine aluminum alloy is made up of lightweight, generally weighted weight by 30%, and the engine's cylinder block and cylinder head require material thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, and aluminum alloy has very prominent The advantage, so the automotive manufacturers have developed and developed engine aluminum. At present, many foreign auto companies have used all aluminum engine cylinders and cylinder blocks.

Aluminum alloy in wheels:

The aluminum hub is gradually replaced by the steel hub because of the lightness and heat dissipation, and has a good appearance. In the past 10 years, the global aluminum alloy car hub increased by 7.6% year-on-year growth rate, my country's Southwest Aluminum Processing Factory cooperated with Japan Light Metal Co., Ltd. to develop A6061 aluminum alloy hub. The aluminum hub widely used by the car is an example of aluminum alloy in the automotive. Almost all new models use aluminum alloy wheels.

In a lightweight metal, the magnesium alloy density is smaller than aluminum alloy, but the magnesium ingot is high, and there are many technical obstacles in the manufacturing process, such as lack of high temperature compressive castings and design data, surface treatment technology, low combination level Wait, so the usage of the car is quite limited; however, the average mechanical strength used in the aerospace, but the difficult manufacturing process is expensive, resulting in a large amount of manufacture of titanium alloy to be used in automobile production. Aluminum alloy is well-behaved in cost, manufacturing technology, mechanical properties, sustainable development (the aluminum content in the crust, accounting for 8.1%), etc., the aluminum alloy is the preferred light metal material in the automotive industry in the future.

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