Technical Informations

Grinding process

Grinding refers to the processing method of using abrasives and abrasive tools to remove excess material on the workpiece. According to the different process objectives and requirements, there are many forms of grinding processing methods. In order to meet the needs of development, the grinding technology is geared towards precision and low roughness. , High-efficiency, high-speed and automatic grinding direction development. There are many forms of grinding processing methods. The production mainly refers to grinding with a grinding wheel. In order to facilitate the use and management, the grinding processing methods are usually divided into four methods according to the grinding processing form of the grinder product and its processing object:

1.According to the grinding accuracy, it is divided into rough grinding, semi-finishing grinding, fine grinding, mirror grinding and super finishing.

2.According to the feed form, it can be divided into cutting grinding, longitudinal grinding, slow feed grinding, no feed grinding, constant pressure grinding, and quantitative grinding.

3.According to the grinding form, it is divided into belt grinding, centerless grinding, end grinding, peripheral grinding, wide wheel grinding, profile grinding, profile grinding, oscillation grinding, high-speed grinding, powerful grinding, Constant pressure grinding, manual grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding, grinding, honing, etc.

4. According to the machined surface, it is divided into external grinding, internal grinding, surface grinding and sharpening (gear grinding and thread grinding)

In addition, there are many ways to distinguish, for example, according to the type of grinding tools used in grinding, it can be divided into: the grinding method of fixed abrasive abrasive tools and the grinding method of free abrasive particles. The grinding processing methods of abrasive abrasive tools mainly include grinding wheel grinding, honing, belt grinding, electrolytic grinding, etc.; the processing methods of free abrasive grinding mainly include grinding, polishing, jet processing, abrasive flow processing, and vibration processing. According to the level of the grinding wheel speed Vs, it is divided into: ordinary grinding Vs<45m/s, high-speed grinding 45m/s<=Vs<150m/s and ultra-high-speed grinding>=150m/s. According to the new technology adopted The situation is divided into: magnetic grinding, electrochemical polishing and so on.

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