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Rapid tooling

The fast mold is a tool for molding a certain shape, size, and surface precision product with its specific shape. It is mainly used in large quantities of production, although the production and manufacturing cost of the mold is relatively high, but due to mass production, the cost of each article is greatly reduced.

The traditional method of obtaining a mold by machining by machining, its design is long, high production cost, especially molds that have complex shape or in the shape, forging and processing, and can not achieve the development of modern industries For the requirements of mold technology, it is increasingly high to look at modern mold technology, and it is moving towards the following direction:

(1) High-precision modern mold accuracy requires at least one quantity than the traditional mold accuracy;

(2) The life of the life of life is doubled than that of traditional molds, such as modern molds, can generally reach 10,000 times, up to 25 million times;

(3) High productivity can greatly increase productivity due to advanced molds such as multi-station model, multi-die, multi-cavity injection mold and laminated molding molding, which can greatly increase productivity, resulting in significant economic benefits if used in four stations Injection mold production plastic soda bottle, can produce more than 10,000 pieces per hour;

(4) Structure complex with the diversification and personalization of social needs and many new materials, new processes, the structure of modern molds and cavities are also increasingly complex, and if traditional mold manufacturing methods, not only High cost, low productivity, and difficult to ensure the quality requirements of the mold. 2 The design and manufacturing technology of traditional molds is not satisfied with the market's requirements, so long-term fast, flexible production of low-cost, high-life, and use-to-use molds, which are urgently needed to solve the mold manufacturing, will be technically applicable. In the mold manufacturing, a new mold manufacturing technology is formed - a new mold rapid manufacturing technology is a new research hotspot in technology.


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