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Hardware stamping parts

Hardware: steel or some non-ferrous metallic metal parts, processing means: cold / thermal stamping, squeezing, rolling, welding, cutting, etc. also include other processes, definition is relatively wide.

Stamping parts: The most used in hardware processing, refers to the mold for steel / colored metal, and the mold is provided as a specified shape by a mold for steel / non-ferrous metals.

Includes some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials, etc. What we usually say is generally referring to cold stamping parts, a piece of an example, a piece of iron, wants to turn it into a fast food, then design a set of molds, the mold's work surface is the shape of the plate, Using the mold, the iron plate is turned into the tray you want, this is the cold punching, which is directly stamped with the mold.

Hardware stamping parts

(1) Stamping in the automotive industry. Protecting the depth. In our country, this is mainly concentrated in the automotive factories, tractors, aircraft manufacturing facilities and other big plants.

(2) Pressure of components of automobiles and other industries. It is mainly punched. There are a lot of companies in this department to be at the feature factory, and there are also some independent stamping factories. At present, there are many such small plants near some car factories or tractors.

(3) Electrical device stamping factory. Such a factory is a new industry that has developed with the development of electrical appliances, which is mainly concentrated in the south.

(4) Lift daily necessities stamping factory. Do some crafts, cutlery, etc., these plants have great development in recent years.


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