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Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping (RP) technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in the 1990s. It is a key common technology for new product development services for manufacturing companies. Improving product competitiveness has a positive role in promoting. Since the advent of this technology, it has been widely used in the manufacturing industry of developed countries, and a new technology field has emerged from it.

RP technology is integrated and developed on the basis of modern CAD/CAM technology, laser technology, computer numerical control technology, precision servo drive technology and new material technology. Different types of rapid prototyping systems have different forming principles and system characteristics due to different forming materials. However, the basic principle is the same, that is, "layered manufacturing, layer-by-layer stacking", similar to the integration process in mathematics. Vividly speaking, the rapid prototyping system is like a "three-dimensional printer."

It can directly accept product design (CAD) data without preparing any molds, tools and tooling fixtures, and quickly manufacture new product samples, molds or models. Therefore, the popularization and application of RP technology can greatly shorten the development cycle of new products, reduce development costs, and improve development quality. From the traditional "removal method" to today's "growth method", from mold manufacturing to moldless manufacturing, this is the revolutionary significance of RP technology for manufacturing.

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