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CNC lathe parts processing steps

The CNC lathe is a brief image of the digital program to control the lathe. It combines the versatile universal lathe, high-processed precision lathe and high processing efficiency high-type ordinary lathe, the largest use of the largest, the most wide coverage A machine. Automated CNC lathes are machine tools that use numerical control techniques to achieve action in advance. It consists of a program carrier, a losing device, a CNC unit, a servo system, a position feedback system, and a machine tool mechanical component. Processing parts in automated CNC lathes are usually taken from the following steps:

1. Write the program in accordance with the pattern of processing parts, write the program in the specified code and program format, and record it on the carrier;

2. Enter the program on the program carrier into the CNC unit by the input device;

3.cnc unit issues a signal to the servo system of each coordinate of the machine by the input program;

4. The servo system is based on the signal, the moving part of the drive machine, and controls the necessary auxiliary operations;

5. Drive the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece through the machine mechanical components, processing the required workpieces;

6. Check the movement of the CNC lathe and feed back the CNC unit by the feedback device to reduce the processing error. Of course, there is no detection for open-ring number control lathes, feedback systems.

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