Technical Informations

Precision metal parts Features

Precision metal means hardware industry for high precision metal processing category, "precision" refers to tolerances within 0.05mm, including precision plastic hardware, precision metal stamping, precision turning metal, etc., generally used in electronics, watches, aviation and other industries. Clear outline, small blunt, with the aperture hole pitch margin (thickness) and has embossed ≦ T, the counter bore, the blind bore and the hub flange shaped like fine blanking, in particular small modulus involute, cycloid , triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal shape precision gear precision stamping, other processing are difficult to manufacture.

 1. blanking plane precision metal parts due to work hardening effect of pressure, the surface hardness, a substantial increase in strength, rub resistance, and improved weather resistance, is used as the running surface, the friction surface of the gear tooth profile, bushings, and other fine pieces, life will be greatly improved.

2, precision metal parts of complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy and geometric, material thickness is typically t> 3mm ~ 12.5mm, with thick plate of fine pieces, a blanking plane is flat, smooth, and machining quality can be comparable. Can be made into a triangular, high-precision metal parts, high dimensional and geometric precision stamping polygon, a trapezoid, and a blanking plane is flat, smooth.

3, precision metal parts made by the raw material out of a mold finished parts, no cutting, high efficiency, and high-volume production to achieve economies of scale modest mechanical and electrical product components, including: automobile handbrake, cars, motorcycles and other fine products stamping.

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