Technical Informations

Precision turning parts

1, Turning parts is mainly used for turning external cylindrical surface machining and rotational parts of the workpiece, the end surface, conical surface, and the thread forming surface, comprising a generally rotational parts of the end face, the inner surface of the hole, and cylindrical trough like surface.

2, Depending on the dimensional accuracy and precision machine tools, high precision control at most 0.001mm tolerance, in most machine 0.01mm, the surface roughness of 0.8 m up to, at most 1.25μm.

(1), The roughing strive without reducing the cutting speed, depth of cut using a large and a large amount of feed to increase the efficiency of turning, but only up to IT11 machining accuracy, surface roughness Rα20 ~ 10 microns.

(2), Semi-finishing and finishing as far as possible high speed and a smaller amount of feed and depth of cut, processing accuracy IT10 ~ 7, the surface roughness of Rα10 ~ 0.16 microns.

(3), The high-precision diamond turning lathe with a fine high-speed finishing repair grinding non-ferrous metal member, can improve the working accuracy of IT7 ~ 5, the surface roughness of Rα0.04 ~ 0.01 m.

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