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Principle and advantages of CNC processing of aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy CNC machining is also known as computer processing or CNC machine tool processing, main aluminum parts, aluminum shell and other aspects. Due to recent years, mobile phones, computers, charging treasures, car parts rise, the improvement of the processing accuracy of aluminum parts, but from the other to the aluminum alloy CNC processing process texture, high-volume, high-precision production of aluminum alloy. The title of the following titles will be given to everyone about aluminum alloy CNC processing advantages.

First, the principle of aluminum alloy CNC processing:

The principle of aluminum alloy CNC processing is to use the automatic control system to install digital program process command to control CNC machine bed bearing automatic start and stop, commutation, and variable speed, etc., can pick a numerical control blade and change the blade according to the digital control blade and the travel trajectory completed the needs of life. Various auxiliary action.

Second, aluminum alloy CNC processing advantages:

1 Aluminum alloy CNC machining can reduce the total number of tools, and produce complicated parts of processing styles, and simply change the processing procedure process.

2 The aluminum alloy CNC machining is relatively stable, and it does not make human processes, resulting in different aluminum alloys, even defective.

3 Aluminum alloy CNC processing can produce complex aluminum parts, and even produce production and processing parts. It can also produce a variety of varieties, high production efficiency, saving labor costs, can achieve a variety of production.

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