Technical Informations

The characteristics of two-color injection molding

As my country has gradually become a global production and manufacturing base for consumer products, in recent years, plastic product manufacturers in southern China have accepted many orders that require two-color molds and two-color injection techniques, making the application of two-color molds and two-color injection molding technology in China increasingly widespread.

So, what are the characteristics of two-color injection molding?

1.    The front cavity structure of the two sets of molds A and B is the same, but the back mold is different;

2.    If parts A and B are combined with each other, the process between them will be affected by each other;

3.    To change the concept of single-color mold cavity-treat the plastic part cavity of part A as a single-color molding, and then produce part B;

  4. There are double-layer thimble plates and "stepped" ejector holes-when forming part A, only the front plate (nozzle) is topped when ejecting, while the back plate (product) does not move. After rotating 180 degrees, part B is formed Then top the back panel (product).

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