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Sheet metal parts bending

Sheet metal bends refers to the processing of the angle of the plate or plate. If the sheet is bent into a V shape, U shape, etc. In general, there are two methods of sheet metal bending: one method is the mold bend, which is used for a mold complicated, small volume, high-volume processing sheet metal structure; the other is the bending machine bending, used A sheet metal structure having a large size of the machining structure or yield is not too large. At present, the bending of the company's products mainly uses bending machine processing.

Mold bending: for the annual processing volume of more than 5,000, the part size is not too large (generally 300x300), and the processing plant generally considers the machining of the mold.

Bending machine bending:bending machines are divided into ordinary bending machines and CNC bending machines. Since the accuracy is high, the bend shape is irregular, the sheet metal bending of communication equipment is generally used by CNC bending machine, and the basic principle is the bending knife (upper mold), V-shaped groove (under). Molds, bending and forming the sheet metal parts.

Basic principle of bending processing order:

1) Bending by the inside.

2) Bend by small to large;

3) Bend the special shape, then bend the general shape

4) The previous process is formed after the postpartum process does not affect or interfere.

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