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Automated CNC lathe

When machining parts on a CNC machine, the part processing route, process parameters, and tool data should be determined according to the requirements of the parts processing drawings, and then write part CNC machining programs in accordance with the relevant regulations of the CNC machine programming manual, and then pass the input device to the CNC machining program. Enter the CNC system, with the support of the CNC system control software, after processing and calculation, the corresponding control instructions are issued, and the machine tool is moved by a servo system to move by a predetermined track.

The entire working process of machining parts on CNC machine tools is as follows:

1 . After the part graph process processing, after the part processing drawings, the paper should be analyzed according to the drawings, the shape, size, position relationship, technical requirements of the workpiece, then determine the reasonable machining plan, processing route, mounting method, tool and cutting parameters, The knife point, the tool change point, and also consider the instruction function of the CNC machine tool.

2 . After the mathematics treatment, the tool center motion trajectory should be calculated based on the machining route, the geometry on the drawing, and obtain the tool center data. If the CNC system has a tool compensation function, the coordinate value on the contour track is required.

3. CNC programming calculates CNC machining programs based on the functional instruction code and program segment format specified by the machining route, the process parameters, the tool bit data and the CNC system. After the program is completed, you can store on the control medium (such as a floppy disk, tape).

Automated CNC lathes are machine tools that use numerical control techniques to achieve action in advance. It consists of a program carrier, a losing device, a CNC unit, a servo system, a position feedback system, and a machine tool mechanical component.

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