Technical Informations

3D printing

The core manufacturing idea of 3D printing technology originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century, and in the late 1980s, 3D printing technology has matured and widely used.

3D printing according to the material and molding methods 3D have many different types: LOM. This is in the form of a laser cut profile in a paper coated with a hot melt adhesive; SLA. The method of rapidly cured into a solid under ultraviolet light irradiation by liquid photosensitive resin; SLS. The laser selective sintered molding (the raw material can be plastic powder, ceramic powder, metal powder, etc.); FDM, print molded layer by plastic molten;

3D printing brings the world's manufacturing revolution, before the component design is completely dependent on whether the production process can be realized, while the appearance of 3D printing will subvert the production idea, which makes the company when producing components, no longer consider production Process problems, any complex shape design can be achieved by 3D printing.

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