Technical Informations

Rapid tooling

1. Concept of rapid prototyping manufacturing technology

Rapid Prototyping&Manufacturing (RPM), proposed by Europe, America, Japan, and other developed industrial countries in the mid-1980s, aims at solving problems that cannot be solved by conventional machining or manual processing. Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology is a cross-product of multiple disciplines and technologies, which integrates cutting-edge technologies such as mechanical engineering, material science, computer technology, numerical control principle, and optical technology. There are hundreds of specialized research institutes around the world that carry out this kind of research. Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology can achieve low cost, high productivity, and short-cycle production characteristics. At the same time, from a design and engineering perspective, complex shapes can be designed without time, cost, manufacturability constraints,

2. Production characteristics of mold industry:

1) It is an important process and equipment for the production of various industrial products

According to statistics, the parts made by molds account for 60~70% in the mechanical and electrical products such as aircraft, automobiles, motors, electrical appliances, instruments, and meters; In the television, computer and other electronic products accounted for more than 80%; In bicycles, watches, washing machines, refrigerators, and other light industrial products accounted for more than 85%.

2) suitable for manufacturing a variety of large batch, complex shape parts.

3) metal mold manufacturing precision requirements, early development time is long, high cost.

4) Mold processing method: NC machine tool and EDM (electric discharge) machining

5) Mold material: high-quality alloy steel (die steel)

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