Technical Informations

Common problems in injection mold machining

The bleaching of processed plastic injection mold products is caused by:

1) Excessive load pressure.

2) Poor demolding.

Treatment method: When designing an injection mold, pay attention to the degree of demolding to be sufficient. When making an injection mold, ensure that the cavity of the injection mold remains smooth and clean. The real-time processing should immediately reduce the injection pressure.

2. The dents of the injection mold processing, the reasons for the dents of the injection mold processing are:

1)Insufficient cooling of the injection mold and insufficient cooling time will cause serious deformation.

2)This situation can also occur if the internal pressure of the injection mold is insufficient.

3)The thickness of each part of the product is different.


Treatment method: reduce the temperature of the barrel and the mold, force cooling at the place where the dent is generated, and fill the rim at the place where the dent is generated, and control the difference in the thickness of the designed product.

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