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Advantages of CNC processing

CNC machining modern important foundation and key technology, application of numerical control processing can greatly improve the productivity, stable quality, price to shorten the processing cycle, increase the production of flexible, realize the automation of of all kinds of complex precision parts processing, easy to implement computer management in the factory or workshop, but also reduce the total number of workshop equipment, save manpower, improve working conditions, It is beneficial to accelerate the development and upgrading of products, improve the ability of enterprises to adapt to the market and improve the comprehensive economic benefits of enterprises. The whole process of CNC machining is automatic and has its own characteristics:

1. It can produce and process the general three axis can not produce and process or can not be a clip for production and processing of continuous, smooth random slope. Such as aircraft engines and turbo-generator leaves, ships used screw booster, and many of its unique incline and complex die, hole spacing of the housing and grinding tools.

2. It can improve the precision, quality and high efficiency of the production and processing of the random inclined plane in the interior space. for example,  three-axis CNC lathe can’t processing, multifarious, multiple ball head turning tool, ball head turning tool with point contact forming, drilling efficiency is low, and CNC blade/steel posture Angle in the process of production can not be adjusted, generally can't ensure better drilling point on the ball head turning tool (i.e., the ball head angular velocity), the highest peak in drilling, And there will be a situation where the drilling point falls on the rotation axis of the ball-head cutter with a release rate equal to zero.

3. The advantages of mold manufacturing. In the traditional mold manufacturing, the Longmen machining center is generally used for the cutting production and processing of steel parts. With the rapid development of die processing technology, some shortcomings of Longmen machining center itself have become more and more significant. Ball-head turning tool is widely used in modern die manufacturing to produce and process. The benefits of ball head turning tool in die manufacturing are more prominent.

4. Five axis linkage machine tool production and processing technical production and processing of abrasive tools, can get rid of the insufficient. The selection of five-axis linkage machine tool production and processing of abrasives can quickly carry out mold manufacturing, fast supply, stronger to ensure the production and processing quality of abrasives, so that the mold manufacturing is becoming more and more easy, and the change of abrasives is becoming more and more easy.

Entering the 21st century, China's economy and the international comprehensive integration, has entered a new period of vigorous development. The machine tool manufacturing industry is not only facing the good opportunity of the development of manufacturing equipment caused by the improvement of the demand level of the machine tool manufacturing industry, but also encountered the pressure of the fierce international market competition after joining the World Trade Organization. Accelerating the development of CNC machine tools is a key to solve the sustainable development of the machine tool manufacturing industry. With the rapid progress of computer technology and modern design technology, the application range of CNC machine tools is still expanding, and constantly developing to more adapt to the needs of production and processing.

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