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Aluminum alloy CNC small batch machining

Now a lot of small and medium-sized aluminum alloy processing plants will provide aluminum alloy CNC small batch processing services, their customers are mainly start-ups, design companies and equipment companies with a certain scale.

Why aluminum alloy CNC small batch processing will become a major service direction of most processing plants now? Shenzhen Noble Start Manufacturing actually thinks that CNC small batch processing services do have advantages, such as: fast delivery time, appropriate price, customized machining according to the drawings. This obvious advantage is particularly suited to startups and design companies, where mass production of parts is not their first choice.

In addition, the customer's post-processing requirements can also be included, such as sandblasting, oxidation, passivation, electroplating, polishing, welding, laser engraving and screen printing.

But there are lots of the aluminum alloy processing plant, how to choose a processing plant with their own ability to match themselves is to spend time and energy to cooperation, assessment and optimization. Low price is not necessarily suitable for their own processing plants, only the price, quality, delivery time and other factors are in line with their own requirements, which is their ideal supplier.

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