Customized processing for aluminum alloy parts

Customized processing for aluminum alloy parts(图1)

Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing Co., LTD can provide customized processing services for metal/plastic parts. Today, I will briefly describe how Noble Smart manufacturing provides aluminum alloy parts customized processing services.

First of all, at the inquiry stage, the customer will provide 2D/3D drawings, so we analyze whether we can process the parts that the customer wants according to the drawings provided by them, which is called drawing customization. However, some points should be paid attention to when analyzing the drawings, such as whether the tolerance requirements can be met, whether the structural design is reasonable, whether the post-treatment requirements can be met, and whether the material has particularity.

Secondly, at the processing stage, the first step is the material, for special materials or some materials difficult to buy, in fact, customers can provide their own, and then we (as an aluminum alloy processing plant) are only responsible for processing and post-processing link, this way is called material customization. Customers supply materials, which can save the processing plant some trouble and avoid the risk of buying fake materials. After all, few processing plants will rack their brains to make a profit in the purchasing of materials.

Finally, at the post-processing stage, post-processing of aluminum alloy parts is common, but it does not mean that we can be very casual. For example, after most of the post-processing is finished, there will be a certain thickness, which will make the size increase several mm. For internal structural parts, fewer customers choose sandblasting, because sandblasting will increase the resistance of parts mating and make assembly difficult. Therefore, the customer will choose suitable post-processing according to the actual parts, and we will try our best to meet the customer's requirements.

However, most of the current customers are in need of customized processing + post-processing customized services, this mode has also been very suitable for CNC processing plants in China.

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