Which industries are aluminum alloy machining parts suitable for?

Which industries are aluminum alloy machining parts suitable for?(图1)

The application of aluminum alloy machining parts is very wide, mainly used in automatic mechanical equipment, automotive industry, robotics, medical equipment and aviation and other fields. Why is aluminum alloy a common material in our familiar field?

Shenzhen Noble Manufacturing Co., Ltd. believes that aluminum alloy may indeed have very good material characteristics, such as: low density, but relatively high strength; close to or more than high quality steel, good plasticity, it can be processed into various profiles; excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

However, different industries have different requirements for aluminum alloys. For example, in the medical equipment industry, it is normally required to comply with RoHS declaration and have medical/food grade aluminum alloys. Because medical equipment is ultimately intended to serve people, ordinary aluminum alloys may have a negative impact on the function of the equipment.

Moreover, for example, automobile and aviation industry, not only on the performance of aluminum alloy itself, but also on high requirements for the processing capacity and quality control ability of aluminum alloy processing plants, because the precision requirements of parts are very high and tolerance control is extremely strict in this industry.

Go round and round, if you have aluminum alloy parts processing needs in relevant fields, welcome to find Shenzhen Noble Start manufacturing Co., LTD consulting, we believe you will have a good harvest.

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