Guangdong Shenzhen Noble aluminum alloy machining plant

Is there a need for batch processing of aluminum parts? Do you want to find aluminum alloy processing factory? Then welcome to China Guangdong to consult Shenzhen Noble aluminum alloy processing plant. Why do we say that? Let's take a part manufactured and processed by Shenzhen Noble Manufacturing Technology recently to demonstrate its advantages, please see the following for details:

Material:AL 6061

Processing:CNC milling

Finish Treatment:Sandblasting #120 + Surtec 650

Processing Difficulty:Pay attention to clamping to prevent deformation

Production Process:Production department shall machine parts according to 2D and 3D drawings from customers, and does regularly spot check. Then the outsourcing department will follow up the post-processing and explain the customer's appearance requirements with the post-processing supplier.

Detection process: Dimension detection during production - dimension detection after post-processing - surface effect detection after post-processing (taking photos for customer confirmation).

Delivery process: After the inspection process is completed and the customer agrees to ship the parts, the packaging department will strictly follow the SOP to ship them. For example, after the parts has been made Surtec 650, they will wear gloves during the packaging process to avoid leaving dirty fingerprints on these parts. After packing, they will make packing list in time, recording weight and size of box, and then deliver goods in time.

However, like the aluminum alloy after treatment, the most common is sandblasting + anodizing. This one needs conductive function and good appearance effect, so the customer chose Surtec 650, as shown in the figure, after the finish treatment, it is still very beautiful.

To sum up, do you have a deep impression on Shenzhen Noble aluminum alloy processing plant in Guangdong?

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