Advantages of Dongguan aluminum alloy processing plant

Most of China's aluminum alloy processing plants are located in Guangdong province, but Dongguan and Shenzhen are among them. And many aluminum alloy machining factories are located in Dongguan, some big reasonsare that Dongguan is relatively sparsely populated, the factory rent and labor costs are low, and the government is vigorously supporting the development of Dongguan industry, so the aluminum alloy processing plants in Dongguan have developed rapidly.

For example, Shenzhen Noble Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. concentrates its R&D center, marketing center and operation center in Shenzhen headquarters. Meanwhile, it sets up a manufacturing base in Dongguan and places CNC processing equipment and mold production equipment in Dongguan. In this way, the processing plant in Dongguan can reduce the corresponding fixed expenses, while other factories of supporting industrial chain also gather in Dongguan, which enables the manufacturing base of Shenzhen Nobleto provide integrated project support services for customers and maintain a great advantage in price and delivery time.

On the other hand, Dongguan is close to Shenzhen and Guangzhou, so it has developed logistics. No matter domestic or foreign customers, parts can be delivered to them conveniently.

So if you have aluminum parts processing demand, please look for Dongguan processing plant in advance.

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