How to machine the parts by CNC batch milling?

How to machine the parts by CNC batch milling?(图1)

How to machine the parts by CNC batch milling?

Of course, it is necessary to install the fixture flexibly during processing. So how to install the fixture in the process of CNC batch milling?

According to the understanding of Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing, the commonly used clamps on CNC milling machine have flat jaw pliers, piding head, three-jaw self-centering chuck and platform clamps, etc. And the commonly used economical CNC milling machine generally selects parallel-jaw vice to clamp the parts, namely the parallel-jaw vice mounted in the center of working area of the CNC milling machine, then aligning and fixing flat jaw pliers. And then according to the height of the parts, putting the mat iron with proper shape and good surface quality into the mouth of the flat vice, and putting the parts into fixtures finally (Generally, the parts’ datum level is facing down, which is close to the mat, and then tighten the pliers).

However, we should also pay attention to some details, we should choose different clamping methods according to the size, shape and processing content of the parts, to avoid generalizing.

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