Tool selection for CNC batch machining

Tool selection for CNC batch machining(图1)

In the programming, the correct choice of CNC batch machining tool is very important, the general considerations are:

(1) The type, specification and accuracy level of CNC batch machining tools should be able to meet the processing requirements, and the materials of these tools should be suitable for the materials of the parts.

(2) Good cutting performance. CNC batch machining tools should be able to withstand high speed cutting and strong cutting performance, and their cutting performance and tool life must be stable compared to some tolls in same batch.

(3) CNC batch machining tools must have high precision.

(4) High reliability. To ensure that there will not be tool accidental damage and potential defects in CNC batch machining.

(5) High durability. CNC batch machining tools, whether in the rough processing or finishing processing, should have higher durability than ordinary machine tools, in order to minimize the times for replacement or repair of grinding tools, which can improve the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools and ensure the quality of processing.

(6) Good chip breaking and chip removal performance. Chip breaking and chip discharging is not like the ordinary machine (it can be timely by manual processing) tool in CNC batch processing, chip is easy to twine in the tools and parts, which will damage the tools and scratch the surface of the part. And it even will occur injury and equipment accidents, so better chip breaking and chip discharging performance are needed.

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