Technical Informations

What are the commonly used precision machining methods?

The main processes of precision machining include three types, namely soft machining, hard machining and electric machining.

How to choose the right processing technology? The following is a detailed introduction by our engineers:

When the mold is large and deep, the rough machining before quenching, semi-finishing machining is soft machining, and the finishing machining after quenching is hard machining; small, shallow molds can be milled at once after quenching. If the mold wall is very thin and the mold cavity is deep, electrical machining is used.

If the mold cavity has a large and flat bottom surface, the rough milling cutter is used for roughing, and then the round nose cutter is used to clear the corners. The cutting force and heat dissipation of the integrated cutter disk are very good. Round nose milling cutters are more efficient than flat-bottom cutters in machining parts that require root cleaning, and are not prone to chipping.

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