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What is the difference between punching and drilling in the processing of metal parts?

      Punching refers to punching various graphics on steel plate, leather, cloth, wooden board and other materials to meet different needs, specifically: eight-shaped hole, hexagonal hole, punching plate, long hole, square hole, round hole , Punching plate net, triangle hole and so on.

Punching plate type:

Stainless steel plate Copper plate Iron plate Aluminum plate Low carbon steel plate Galvanized plate PVC plate Cold rolled coil Hot rolled plate Copper plate etc.The traditional method of punching is to use a stamping die to process the through holes on the flat plate.

     Drilling: Machining holes in solid materials with a drill is called drilling. The hole processing of various parts, except for a part of turning, boring, milling and other machine tools, a large part is completed by fitters using drilling machines and drilling tools (drill bits, reamer, reamers, etc.).

Operating characteristics:

1)The drill speed is high.

2)Serious friction, difficult heat dissipation, high heat, and high cutting temperature.

3)Large cutting volume, difficult chip removal, and easy vibration.

4)The rigidity and precision of the drill bit are poor, so the drilling precision is low, the general dimensional accuracy is IT11 ~ IT10, and the roughness is Ra100 ~ 25.

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