Metal processing technology

Metal processing technology(图1)

The processing methods of metal parts are: mechanical processing, stamping, precision casting, powder metallurgy, metal injection molding.

Mechanical processing refers to the process of changing the external dimensions or performance of a workpiece through a mechanical device. According to the differences in processing methods, it can be pided into cutting processing and pressure processing.

Stamping is a forming method that uses presses and dies to apply external force to plates, strips, pipes, and profiles to make them plastically deform or separate to obtain workpieces (pressed parts) of the desired shape and size.

There are also special processing, laser processing, EDM processing, ultrasonic processing, electrolytic processing, particle beam processing and ultra-high speed processing.

Turning, milling, forging, casting, grinding, CNC Machining and CNC numerical control center belong to machining.

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