CNC batch processing quality control

CNC batch processing quality control(图1)

CNC Machining is the core process in Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing Technology Company Limited, we provide high-quality machining and manufacturing services for you. As you know, it is impossible for any company to have all manufacturing processes. For some outsourcing production, comparing with you contacting corresponding venders directly, we will provide the same level of price but better service to ensure delivery and quality.

Quality control before production:

Before purchasing raw materials, Noble Smart Manufacturing Company will strictly require the material supplier to provide the material certification report. After the material arrives, sampling test will be carried out by professional testing company. We can provide the test report according to the customer's requirements for special materials.

Quality control in production:

After the customer places the order, the merchandiser will accurately convey the production order to the production department, and then the production department will make the production plan for the order, and record the production situation at any time according to the customer's drawings and delivery time requirements. For a batch order, the production department will make a sample firstly, and after there is no problem with the processing requirements such as size, mass production will be arranged immediately, and parts will be randomly selected and tested again in the mass production process.

Quality control after production:

After all the parts are finished, Noble Smart Manufacturing Company will ask the testing department to carefully check the customer's quality requirements and arrange the final inspection, so that the customer will not receive unqualified parts. After the customer receives the parts and makes the test, Noble Smart Manufacturing Company will still timely follow up the customer's satisfaction with the parts and whether the quality meets the standard.

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