Do you really understand CNC batch processing?

Do you really understand CNC batch processing?(图1)

In the CNC Machining industry, the word CNC batch processing has been familiar, but we really know what the definition of CNC batch processing is? Let us refer to the following information provided by Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing company to explore the answer together!

CNC batch processing refers to use CNC machining technology to process and produce 10-10000 pieces of products or parts at a time.

In the current mechanical processing and manufacturing industry, CNC batch processing enterprises are numerous, and in the rapid development of the current, there are two types of production: large batch processing (production) and small batch processing (production), that is, multi-variety, single-piece small batch production and small variety, large quantity of mass production. The former is the main body of the machinery industry, many CNC processing companies are doing so, of course, also including the Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing company we mentioned.

Then how to define CNC mass processing and CNC small batch processing?

CNC mass processing is usually tens of thousands of products, which need to be made by the mold, such as plastic mold, die casting mold, cold stamping mold; at the same time they also need to be made by doing some jigs, such as milling jig, grinding jig, car jig, locksmith with the drilling jig and other special jig. Under the premise of mold opening and production fixture, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and it is easy to produce scale effect.

The number of parts made by CNC small batch processing is from the single digit to three digits, and the parts are made through simple mold, soft mold, or directly through CNC equipment processing, generally including the turning, milling, planer, grinding, pliers and other common machining process and the bench worker's blanking, drawing lines, punching, tapping. This kind of processing method can save cost and speed up the cycle of products to market. By the way, Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing company is also very advantageous in small and medium batches.

So, did you understand the true meaning of CNC batch processing?

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