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CNC Processing Chaos Knife Problem

Introduce the solution of the messy knife in the machining center.

1. This situation may be caused by a problem with the upper and lower processing ports of the processing center. The operator will use the reset button to change the calculation method, or simply press the emergency stop button.

2. At the same time, a typical machining center PLC program (PLC programming is an electronic system for digital operation operations, designed for application in an industrial environment) refreshes the tool table after completing the changes. Your procedure should be like this, but after you have a problem with the tool cover, you only need to put the knife down. After repairing, I think it should be ok on the original knife holder, and there will be a messy knife.

3. Communicate with the manufacturer you purchased. If the manufacturer has after-sales service or after-sales maintenance, you can ask their technical staff to check the security. In addition, after the tools are out of order, remember not to operate the operation panel keyboard of the machining center. If you don't know PLC, please try to use external force to help the knife sleeve complete the action. Pay attention to safety during operation. Try to let the machining center tool library itself complete the entire M6 cycle, so it will certainly not be messy.

4. During the normal tool change, due to the insufficient air pressure of the tool change, the tool change process is stuck. After manual tool magazine reset (reset), tool magazine disorder may occur.

5. When the manipulator of the machining center changes tools, the operator presses the RESET key or the emergency stop key. Causes the tool change to terminate unexpectedly

6. Due to damage to the mechanical structure of the machine tool, or the loss of the parameters of the CNC system, chaos caused by chaotic failure.

The processing method of chaos in the tool magazine of the machining center:

1) Check if the counter switch is loose and there is no jamming. If there is, it is easy to mess up the knife.

2) Check the signal of your loose knife, the up and down signal of the knife sleeve, and the spindle positioning signal

3) If there is a high and low gear conversion function, also check the high and low gear signals. When an alarm occurs, look at the T graph which signal did not arrive or caused a flash. Another possibility is that the T chart is not tightly compiled.

4) If this machining center is used by others, ask if they have adjusted the phase sequence of the forward and reverse motors of the tool magazine without permission. If so, the tool magazine can only rotate in one direction, so it cannot be near. Seeking the knife, the tool magazine will be chaotic.

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