Why is the quotation of CNC machining so different?

Why is the quotation of CNC machining so different?(图1)

Aluminum alloy parts processing and hardware parts processing are generally carried out by CNC processing, but due to the low entry threshold for CNC processing, many CNC processing workshops on the market are caused, which also causes uncertainty in price and quality. Today, let ’s take a look at how to grasp the processing price of hardware parts, so that you can find a CNC Machiningfactory that has quality assurance and is not expensive.

Find the right CNC processing plant.

Each manufacturer has its own advantages, small factories are suitable for proofing, large factories are suitable for large quantities, we need to find the right CNC processing plant according to our own needs.

Generally, it is calculated according to the length of product processing time, and also calculated according to the machine tool. For example, your product can be made with a lathe, but you have to find a processing center, it must be much more expensive, and the quotation in the industry is also very different,。

The quotation in the industry is also very different. If you want to find a reasonable price, it is best not to find a store, you should find a physical factory, As far as I know, factories that specialize in external processing are also particularly expensive. It is best to find factories that process for themselves but also externally. They are cheap and have guaranteed quality.

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