What are the surface treatments for parts?

What are the surface treatments for parts?(图1)

1.Anodising on the surface of the parts (mainly aluminum parts) makes the surface of the parts hard, making them less prone to wear.

2.Painting-when producing large parts, painting is used to avoid rusting of parts, such as: daily necessities, electrical enclosures, handicrafts, etc.

3.Electroplating is the most common processing technology.

The surface of the parts is electroplated through modern technology to ensure that the products will not be mildewed and embroidered for a long time.

The common electroplating processes are: screws, stamping parts, battery pieces , car parts, small accessories, etc.

4.Polishing refers to a machining method that uses mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical effects to reduce the roughness of the workpiece surface to obtain a bright, flat surface.

5.Corrosion-in order to prevent the corrosion and damage of metals, the surface treatment of metal products is generally dealt with, and the metal surface is covered with a protective layer.

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