An Overview Of Industrial Robot Development In China

(1) the rapid expansion of market size

Since 2015, China's economic downward pressure to further increase, enterprises are facing more than expected difficulties and challenges. By the rapid impact of domestic and international economic growth, and as China's labor costs rise rapidly, the demographic pidend gradually disappear, industrial enterprises, including industrial robots, including automation, intelligent equipment, the rapid rise in demand.

(2) the development of independent brand robot

With the "China Manufacturing 2025" and its key areas of the technical road map release and Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and other three ministries, "intelligent manufacturing equipment innovation and development project implementation plan", as well as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration Special action "and other policies, the implementation of independent brand robot to accelerate the pace of development.

(3) applications continue to extend

With the introduction of the national level, "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the promotion of industrial robot industry development guidance", "raw materials industry two deep integration plan (2015-2018)", "civil explosive production less (no) human Special project implementation plan "and other related policies continue to promote the implementation, as well as the introduction of local government to promote the relevant initiatives. The application of industrial robots from the current automotive, electronics, metal products, rubber and plastics industries, and gradually extended to the textile, logistics, defense industry, civil explosive, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food, raw materials and other industries.

(4) the application area is expanding

In recent years, in the rapid expansion of demand and the role of national independent innovation policy, a large number of domestic enterprises or independent research or research institutes, into the robot development and production ranks, China's industrial robots and service robots were entered the initial industrialization and industry Brewing stage. Among them, the development of industrial robots has formed the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the central and western four industrial clusters.

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