Definition Of Service Robot Parts Processing Concepts

In the past two years, China's economic downward pressure has been further increased. Meanwhile, with the rapid rise of labor costs in China, the demographic pidend has gradually disappeared, and industrial enterprises have rapidly increased the demand for automation and intelligent equipment, including industrial robots.

(A) the definition of the concept of the robot

Robot is a machine that can realize various functions by its own power and control ability. It can accept human command and run pre-programmed procedure, and can also act according to the principle program developed by artificial intelligence technology.

(B) the type of robot and the main application areas

For the classification of robots, although there is no uniform international standards, but generally can be in accordance with the application areas, use, structure, freedom, load and control methods such as classification. According to the different application areas, there are two kinds of robots in China, namely, industrial robots and special robots. Industrial robots, that is, multi-joint robots or multi-degree-of-freedom robots for industrial applications. According to the use of points, industrial robots can be pided into handling robots, welding robots, assembly robots, vacuum robots, palletizing robots, painting robots, cutting robots, clean robots and so on.

As a new generation of robotic families, service robots do not yet have a particularly strict definition, scientists are not the same view of it. Among them, the higher definition is derived from the International Federation of Robotics (IFR): "Service robot is a semi-autonomous or fully autonomous robot, it can be beneficial to human health services, but Not included in the production of equipment. " China's definition of service robots in the Outline of the National Medium and Long Term Science and Technology Development Plan (2006-2020) is that "intelligent service robots are a variety of high-tech integrations that provide the necessary services for human beings in a non-structural environment Intelligent equipment ". Service robots can be broken down into personal, home robots, professional service robots.

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