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What are the processing procedures of CNC prototype machining?

The prototype is classified according to the processing technology, and can be mainly pided into the following types: CNC Machining prototype, 3D printing prototype, silicone compound model prototype, sheet metal prototype, low pressure pouring prototype, etc.

1. The customer uploads the part drawing and Noble technical engineer quotes.

2. The two parties agree on the machining price, delivery date, quality requirements, etc. Sign the processing contract, and confirm the order.

2. Noble supply chain analyzes the parts drawing and product assembly drawing according to the order details, and performs process analysis on the parts.

3. Select the blank.

4, CNC machining hand board programming.

5. Determine the equipment and tools, fixtures, gauges and auxiliary tools used in each process.

6, CNC machining and production.

7, Part size detection, post-processing process.

8. The whole process test is qualified.

9, Shipping.

The advantages of Noble machining prototype.

1. Quick response: we will response once we get your inquiry, then provide cost within 1hour.
2. Low price: We can offer you the lowest price in the same quality.

3. Complex parts: Good at machining parts with complicated curved surfaces.

4. Perfect quality: Strictly control the machining and finish treatment quality, what you will get is what you designed.

5. Accurate delivery: Finish the parts in time to provide the strongest support for your R&D projects.

6. Rich experience: More than 10 years of professional machining and rapid prototyping experience, provide you with the most professional and effective advice.

7. Professional team: Efficient and honest technical and service team, let you enjoy 24H professional services.

8. Fully equipped: Perfect supply chain, complete processes, one-stop solution to all requirements.

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