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Attention for copper screw machining

When turning copper screws, firstly, it is necessary to know that the copper content of pure copper is 99.5% under normal conditions, and the hardness of pure copper in the annealed state is generally 35-45HB. In order to ensure the quality of copper screw machining, the following matters should be noted when processing copper screws.

1. During the machining process, the chips may stick to the cutting edge, which will affect the quality of the copper screw machining and affect the service life of the tool.

2. The surface of the copper screw will easily produce a water-like waveform and there will be noise.

3. The expansion coefficient of pure copper is large. When cutting, the deformation will occur due to the influence of high temperature, so the size and precision of copper screw processing are difficult to grasp.

4. If the copper part contains elements such as sulfur that are easy to cut, it will affect the machinability of the copper parts. The toughness and plasticity of the copper parts are relatively large, and the deformation generated during cutting is also large. Therefore, the cutting tool should be sharp, so that the cutting will be smoother, the temperature generated during cutting will be smaller, and the deformation of the copper piece will be smaller.

If lead is added to the copper part, the machinability is greatly improved and the cutting speed is also increased. There are many types of bronze, and the anisotropic properties are poor, but in the case of lead-containing bronze, the machinability is greatly increased. In the machining of copper parts, the faster the cutting speed, the smaller the cutting force, so that the deformation of the copper parts during processing will be relatively small. The surface quality of the copper alloy is very good, so that no further finishing is required in the later stage. The faster the cutting speed, the better the surface quality of the copper screws.

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