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What are the characteristics of mold/mould EDM process?

As we all know, the traditional mold machining method is basically grinding, but when we encounter superhard materials and complex shape workpieces that are difficult to process by traditional cutting methods, we will choose the machining method using electric discharge machining. Let’s briefly analyze the characteristics of electric discharge machining.

EDM is a kind of special processing technology, widely used in mold manufacturing and machining industries. EDM can be used to machining ultra-hard materials and complex-shaped workpieces that are difficult to machining with conventional cutting methods. They are commonly used to machining conductive materials, complex cavities or contours and can be machined on difficult-to- machining materials such as titanium alloys, tool steels, carbon steels and hard alloys.

The advantages of EDM

1, EDM can process any hard, brittle, tough, soft, high melting point conductive materials. Under certain conditions, it can also process semiconductor materials and non-conductive materials;

2. The cutting force is small, which is beneficial to the processing of small holes, thin walls, narrow grooves and various complicated shapes of holes, spiral holes, cavities, etc. And it is also suitable for precision micro-machining;

3. When the pulse width is not large, it is almost unaffected by heat for the entire workpiece, so the heat-affected layer can be reduced, the surface quality after machining can be improved, and it is also suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials.

4. The pulse parameters can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the rough, semi-finishing and finishing can be carried out continuously on one machine tool;

5, Direct use of electrical energy processing, easy to achieve automation.

At the same time, there are some disadvantages in EDM:

1, It can’t process non-conductors (except ceramic materials);

2. The machining speed is slow;

3. High machining costs.

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