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Which parts are suitable for machining in the CNC Machining Center?

CNC machining center is a machine tool developed from CNC milling machine. A CNC machining center can complete various machining requirements such as milling, drilling and boring. It is a kind of machine tool with strong comprehensive processing capability, so it is widely used in each machine. Machining and production in large industries. The CNC Machining center is mainly used for machining parts with complex shapes, many processes, and high precision requirements, such as machining box-type parts, complex surface-type parts, profiled parts, disk-type parts, sleeve-type parts, and plate-like parts.

Machining box type parts

Machining center machining box-type parts generally require high-precision hole systems and planes. When machining centers process box-type parts, 60% to 95% of the machining operations can be completed in one clamping.

Machining complex surface parts

Generally, the machining of complex curved parts is performed by using four-axis linkage. For example, a five-axis machining center can process various complex curved parts. A simple curved part can also be used with a three-axis machining center, but it is necessary to use a ball end mill to perform machining with three coordinates, and the machining efficiency is high, but the efficiency is relatively low. Complex surface parts can’t be machined using a three-axis machining center, because the three-axis machining center can only process simple curved parts, while complex curved workpieces cannot be machined. For complex curved parts such as impellers, blades, and marine propellers, five axes are required. The machining can only be completed by the linked machining center.

Machining special-shaped parts

What is special-shaped parts? The special-shaped part is a part composed of a mixture of points and lines, and its shape is very strange and very irregular. The machining of such a part requires the use of a five-axis linkage machining center, and the processing of the shaped part is that the shape is more complicated. The higher the accuracy requirement, the more superior the machining center is. Such as brackets.

Machining disk-type parts, sleeve-type parts, and plate-like parts

There are many types of parts, including keyways and radial holes, flat-porous, curved, or shaft-like parts, such as flanged bushings, shafted parts with keyways or square heads, etc. Plate parts with porous machining, such as various motor covers.

CNC machining centers have strong machining capabilities and high cost. They should make full use of the advantages of CNC machining centers in terms of complex machining shapes, high number of processes and high precision requirements, so that CNC machining centers can maximize their own value. For parts with lower machining requirements, lathe or milling machine should be used as much as possible to meet the processing requirements, reducing production costs.

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